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Add Recent Topics to your BBPress Forums homepage

Lately I’ve had a couple of people ask me if it was possible to show the most recent topics on the forum homepage of their BBPress Forums. This is quite easy by adding the following snippet to functions.php of your active (child) theme.

You can see this in action on our PressCrew Community Forums. Enjoy!

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5 responses to ‘Add Recent Topics to your BBPress Forums homepage

  1. Hi ,
    Thanks for the code.
    Can you please provide the short code so that i can list the recent topics the way we can see in recent topic widget.

    I just want the name of the topic to be listed and after clicking on it it should navigate on specific topic.

    Please find the example as below :)

    Recent Topics

    >Storage Disease
    >Basic Disease
    >Heart Failure
    >Respiratory Medicine


  2. (corrected email for replies notification)

    Do you have code that has this same functionality but where I can specify the Forum of the recent topics to pull from using the Forum ID?

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